There are several ways you can republish a story.

Note: to make the site easier to navigate, bylines on our site are the publication name. For any republication method, you’ll have to update the byline to the author name (first line of story, in bold).

  1. Republish this story button
  2. Distributor plugin
  3. RSS feed aggregator
  4. Copy/paste

Republish this story button

Every story has a blue button at the top under the featured image that says “Republish this story.” Click the button to open a popup with the generated html code for the article. Click “Copy to clipboard” to copy the html, and paste it into your cms as a fresh post.

The html generation also includes an invisible tracking pixel at the bottom that allows us to track analytics for site usage and provide republishing analytics to partners.

Limitations: The plugin can sometimes be glitchy when generating html for stories with custom css in code blocks or certain embedded infographics. You may have to manually add or remove those blocks.

Note: This method does not copy over the featured image, categories, or tags. It only copies the headline, byline (publication name), publish date and time, and article body.

Distributor plugin

A WordPress plugin called Distributor allows you to pull in articles from our site, both English and translated, and publish them on your site. The connection requires authentication credentials from CalMatters Network, so email and we’ll help you get set up.

RSS Aggregator

There are several rss aggregator plugins that allow you to import articles from other sites’ rss feeds, like Feedzy and WP RSS Aggregator. You can use one of our rss feeds to pull in articles, including the featured image, and post them on your site. If you are looking for a specific feed or need a custom feed tailored for your needs, please email for assistance.


If the other methods are inconvenient or don’t work, or you’d prefer a more direct option, you can copy/paste the article content into your cms and import the images. We highly recommend using the republish button instead.

If you have any questions or have suggestions for alternative republication options, email