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Due to a volcanic eruption in the Tonga Islands, the National Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami advisory for California coastal areas Saturday morning. People should avoid the coastal areas in the Bay Area, multiple local public safety agencies said.

Widespread inundation is not expected, the weather service said. The effects of the tsunami will hit the coastal parts of the Bay Area at different times but were generally expected around 8 a.m. Saturday.

People in San Francisco should move away from all San Francisco beaches, harbor or marina docks or piers, the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management said.

Likening the tsunami’s effects to “the worst king tide, but cycling many times over a few hours,” the Sausalito Police Department said to clear beaches, campgrounds and low-lying areas.

People in Marin should stay out of coastal waters until an all-clear is given, according to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. High tides are expected around 9 a.m. in Marin, the sheriff’s office said.

The Berkeley Fire Department issued an evacuation order for the city’s Marina district.

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